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「ノースショア日本語学校」 はシドニー在住の有志のボランティア(保護者・教員)が、その子供達の日本語と日本文化の継承を目的に、新しい日本語の土曜学校を設立しました。子ども達の日本語能力と日本文化理解促進のために、NSW教育省のCommunity Languages Schools Program規定内のコミュニティー・ランゲージ・スクールです。









Welcome to North Shore Japanese School (NSJS)

North Shore Japanese School (NSJS) is established by parent and teacher volunteers who wish to promote their children’s Japanese language proficiency and Japan literacy. Being a community language school, NSJS pursues its objectives to enable students to maintain and improve their Japanese language as well as to understand Japanese culture and society as a part of their Australian identity.

The school is run as a non-profit, independent organisation under the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) Community Languages Schools Program (CLSP).

It is not an easy task for children to learn and maintain their first language in an overseas context. This school does its best to provide a healthy and happy learning opportunity for children to learn Japanese and its culture and society at a realistic learning level and speed. To achieve this aim, we expect parent’s positive participation in assisting school administration and classroom teaching.

NSJS's Latest News!!!

- "Pre-Entrance Chick class" We introduce a "Pre-Entrance Chick class" for those who have booked in the kindy classes and have their booking has been   confirmed. This class is open only in tem1 in the NSW school year (Feb.- Mar.). Most of children in this class will transit to  kindy classes form term 2(April/May). This class aims at "Children get used to the school environment and learn various fun activities all in japanese. If interested, please contact NSJS on nsjaps@gmail.com.
- "J Class": We will start a new class called "J Class" form May, 2014. This class aims at Japanese language learning in listening and speaking skill, with  minimum learning of Japanese letters. Children will be able to learn and improve their Japanese in fun activities. If interested, please contact NSJS on nsjaps@gmail.com.


                                                      All enquries to NSJS is email: nsjaps@gmail.com